Kodak Black - I’m Kodak Lyrics

Lyrics to I’m Kodak

Like overnight, I changed my whole mentality
I kept goin' back to jail, them people laughed at me
Separating entertainment from reality
She forgave me, I ain't even ask her for that

I'm looking in the mirror like, "Boy, you Kodak!"
How the the hell I turned into a fuckin' Kodak?
I remember feelin' like these rappers passin' me
They said I need to start actin' like I'm Kodak

I wish that I can fly to get away
I hate I chose this life, but it's too late
Sometimes I wanna cry to clean my soul
I pray that I'm forgave for everything

Can you see the best in me now?
I'm no longer twenty
I'm goin' through my struggles dog, everybody ventin'
I was tryna send a whole zip, Z street in the rain
I done turned into a Kodak, I was just in the trenches

And I thought I wasn't gon' never leave
Man, I think I growed up in my sleep
Really, I think the Feds got me in them feels
I'm not in the Jets, I'm on a Lear

I just ran up a check, like lil' one chill
All that extra shit gon' get you killed
I need me some rest so I can heal
They know who do that steppin' shit for real

I moved to Salt Lake City in Utah
Over here I ain't gotta worry 'bout shoot-ah
I'm a big stepper, I'm keeping my shoot-ah
I was just fuckin' that bitch on a rooftop

Three hundred a show, get more in Dubai
Tell me it's smoke, you know I'm a cool guy
Ooh, you the finest bae, you too fly
Keepin' my mind off things like Woosah

Birthday June, went to sleep in July
Wake me up after September
I like me over any nigga
Fuck a steppa', nigga, send 'em